May 26, 2017work, digital, UX

Advertise with Westminster SU

As part of a large-scale redevelopment of Westminster SU’s digital platforms and services, we decided to overhaul key landing pages on the website, especially those responsible for promoting commercial initiatives like advertising.

Replacing simple text-heavy designs, these new pages benefit from bespoke art direction, incorporating animation, parallax scroll effects, interactivity and photorealistic mockups.

This particular page promotes advertising packages: providing key audience statistics of the SU’s channels, offering a virtual catalogue of packages that users can click and hover through, and clear calls to action - get in touch with us or download our media pack PDF for further information.

Views of the page on a variety of viewport sizes.

Photorealistic mockups which animate on page scrolls offer clear indications of the services on offer, and key statistics animate in as they enter the user’s viewport, carefully guidng the user’s journey for maximal conversion.

These pages were designed by initial consultation with the commercial team with the packages and USPs we could offer clients, followed by the creation of wireframes, content (tailored copy and imagery), and finally working mockups.