Sep 1, 2016work, print, design

Quintin Hogg redesign

The Quintin Hogg newspaper is the latest in a long tradition of student publications at the University of Westminster. It focuses on news, current affairs and sport, and is complemented by sister publication Smoke Mag, which focuses on culture and lifestyle.

The redesign was conducted over summer and was intended to be a complete departure from the previous look. This was partly for simple modernisation, but also an opportunity to bring the QH in line with new joint student media brand guidelines.

The new-look QH features a no-nonsense news section with strong brand colour presence.

A tabloid format was selected for convenience and cost, and a unique, modern tabloid look was developed, making use of bold headlines and crossheads, colourful pullquotes and strong presence of brand colours. A five-column grid was selected for all pages, to avoid the mishmash of designs that had afflicted earlier incarnations of the QH.

The new templates are interpreted by student volunteers, who adapt and remix them when producing each issue.