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Project outline

I founded a technical education programme for civil servants in the Digital, Data and Technology profession.

Quick facts

  • Online lessons, combined with Slack channels, face to face workshops and more
  • Teaches civil servants the basics of front and back-end web development
  • Aligned to the civil service's strategy to improve staff's digital skills

The digital parts of the civil service thrive on T-shaped people - those who have deep knowledge in their specialist area, plus broad understanding of the related areas they might come across.

This kind of wide-ranging skillset means teams are more robust, communicating more efficiently and delivering faster.

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However, a frequent problem on the path to T-shaped people is introducing technical concepts, particularly front and back end web development, to civil servants in a way that keeps confidence high and encourages people to keep learning on their own initiative.

I founded a six-month programme to help solve that problem. Acting as technical lead and content designer, I drafted a curriculum and lessons, which my team validated and refined through user research. Lessons were delivered online, but we also considered ways to create a community of learners across the UK.

The project is on track to progress to a public beta in September 2018.

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