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Journo Resources

Project outline

I overhauled the design of Journo Resources, who support early-career journalists with over a dozen helpful services.

Quick facts

  • Cleaner visual design puts content front and centre
  • More thoughtful content design improves discoverability of Journo Resources' many services
  • I worked from a child Wordpress theme to prevent a total redesign

Journo Resources offers a support network to journalists at the very start of their career. They offer vetted lists of graduate schemes, information on salaries, and career advice.

They were struggling to scale an out-of-the-box Wordpress theme to cope with the amount of different services they offered.

Their brand was very visible offline and on social media, but there was no easy way to integrate it into the website theme being used.

My overhaul had three key aims:

  • Clearly signpost new users to the services they'll find most useful
  • Make sponsored content a more attractive proposition to partner organisations
  • Properly showcase the Journo Resources brand

New, cleaner design for longer articles

I ended up creating a Wordpress child theme so that changes could be trialled and tested bit by bit, rather than in one big risky release.

I blogged about my detailed process for arriving at the new design.

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