Development, Strategy

Rapid, reusable landing pages

Project outline

I created a design system for rapidly creating static marketing websites from reusable components.

Quick facts

  • Landing pages can be quickly built from pre-made templates
  • Companion design system offers code samples and examples of use
  • Easily customised to use brand-specific colours and fonts

I was asked to create a static HTML landing page to promote a start-up's funding drive.

Working with a designer, I created a collection of robust, reusable components that could be remixed into any order, with any content included in them, so that this and future landing pages could be quickly prototyped.

Examples of layouts possible with this system

I used the Gatsby static site generator, which allowed me to implement each reusable layout block as a React component, but still benefit from a static HTML output.

The aggressive performance optimisations of the Gatsby generator were vital to keeping load times under control - especially for longer page layouts.

I created a companion design system which catalogued all the blocks on offer, suggestions of how to use them and code samples.

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